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Tree Walker Tree Stand

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I heard alot of reviews on the tree walker. I want to thank you, for all your reviews. You made up my mind. I went to the show saturday in bloomington, illinois. I been bowhunting for 40 years. I have not seen a stand yet that i liked 100% and i had just about every climber on the market. The tree walker i could not find anything, i did not like about it. I would give it a rating of 100 percent. I talked to the owner for about 45 min. I told him, you put a lot of thought in this stand when you made it. He replied that he had been hunting a long time and while he was hunting out of his tree stand he was thinking all the time how he could make it better. I told him that it was perfect and he thought of everything. I'am a iron worker by trade and i asked him if he was a iron worker he said no he took some classes. The welds were perfect. I could not have done better. I told him he would be, the number 1 tree stand maker out there. If he went into production. He told me I'am just a mom & pop maker. I have great respect for the way he thinks. USA NUMBER 1
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I can't wait to pick one up at the Ohio Deer and turkey expo in a few weeks ......I hope it lives up to what everyone says about it :D
You wont be dissapointed, If you don't like it let me know i will buy it. I need to buy another one for my daughter.
I love my Treewalker.:thumbs_up
I have 2 tree walkers and after 35 years of hunting this is the best stand I have ever used and I've used a lot of them.
I have 2 suggestions for anyone that is buying one-1st make sure you try it and learn how to set it up before you go out and use it, just follow the directions and there will be no problems what so ever and you will fall in love with it. 2nd set up the seat about 2 feet off the ground and then stand on it(the net) and bounce your weight on it a few times warm it with a hair dryer or set it in the sun to warm it up, this will stretch it and make it easier to slide when you want to stand up. The stiffness of the seat is the only draw back to this stand but can be over come with a few simple steps before hand.
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