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Tree Where I Got My 1st Deer w/a Bow Cut Down

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The woods behind my parent's house is owned by a county conservancy and they allow me to hunt there. Three years ago, I got my 1st deer with a bow out of a particular tree that has continued to produce sightings and exciting hunts since that memorable deer.

Well at the end of this past hunting season in these woods, I noticed multiple trees that were spray painted with an orange X. There are some overhead powerlines above these trees and the branches were getting pretty close to the lines as the area beneath the lines hadn't been cut in about 15 years. My parents told me that cutting had been going on for a couple weeks so I went up there yesterday. Unfortunately, my landmark tree is now a stump. AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

On the bright side, I still have permission to hunt there. I just need to use a different tree in that location. But the usable trees are too wide in diameter for the standard issue climbing straps on my Lone Wolf climber. I'll just have to get the oversized climbing straps to hunt that location this coming season.

I'm hoping the cutting that was done of the trees and low-lying vegetation will allow more sunlight to hit the ground and spur the growth of some new browse for the deer.
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