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Treestand Hunting

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I am real new to bowhunting with compounds, and I was wondering who has shot ae game or practiced shooting while sitting down in the stand and if you do sit and shoot do you prefer it. I was just pondering this the other day and I got a chair out and was shooting at my target while sitting, it does feel good and I think it may be more safe to do if the tree your in sways a bit in the wind.
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I prefer to shoot standing up. But as I get older I find myself sitting in my stand more and more:embara: When I was 20 I could stand for hours on end with little difficulty. This year (I turn 45 in a week:eek: ) I'm making a committment to practice from the sitting position more so I don't feel compelled to stand for the shot. In the past I never felt steady from the sitting position but then I rarely practiced from that position. Too often we practice what we're good at instead of working on our weakness.
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