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Trophy blend show samples!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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OK everyone

I have several new sticks of Trophy Blend that where opened for the shows this year and I would lke to get rid of them, they are all in great shape, never used!! just smelled LOL!! ALL sticks are being sold for $10.00TYD Here is a list of all the sents that I have. "FIRST COME FIRST SERVE"

(1) Whitetail Doe
(1) Whitetail Herd
(1) Whitetail Estrus
(1) Bob Cat
(1) Fox
(2) Mt. Lion
(1) Acorn
(1) Apple
(1) Corn

Also We are running a 50% off sale on almost ALL of our 2009 left over stock, so please feel free to visit our site and take a look at all the savings.
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heres a rookie question. will an open thing of trophy blend stay good until next season?
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