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Trophy ridge revolution or qad ultra rest hunter

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Can anyone give me a comparison between these two arrow rests? Ive heard great things about the qad but the revolution is cheaper and I can get it from a pro shop instead of ordering online to get the qad.
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IMHO after seeing and setting up both-------QAD HDX is the best, quality and function.
Sounds to me like your shop isn't much of a pro shop if they don't carry the #1 selling drop away rest in stock.

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The Hunter series rest is a pretty good rest for the money, actually. Most of the time they will work just fine. But they can be kind of picky on certain bows in terms of bounce back.

I've used them quite a bit and liked them for the most part. I did have one lock up on me so I kind of lost confidence in them.

Still have one.

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