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Just wanted to give a thumbs up to TT's customer service. I've have been having some issues quieting down my shakey hunter so i emailed them and received a very thorough response that took care of the issue. I figured i would paste the response in here, because I have seen several other posts regarding noise with TT rests.

Email response below:

Hello Steve,

Yes I do have some ideas that may help you.
Please bear with me, but I do have to make a distinction between
shot noise (noise that is heard when the bow is actually shot) and manual
operation noise (noise that is heard when you pick the launcher up and let
it fall).

The reason I have to point this out is because pretty much anything you do
to the rest will not totally eliminate manual operation noise. However,
during an actual shot, the rest does not is let down under tension
as the buss cable moves forward and upward. Thus, the rest actually falls
much slower in a shot scenario than it does under a manual operation
scenario. Even more important is the fact that during the shot, the rest is
lowered under tension, which makes the rest's operation extremely quiet
during the shot...even if when you pick it up and drop it it seems loud. In
other words, you must listen for rest noise when the bow is shot, not when
you manually operate the launcher.

With that being said, there are things that can cause shot noise with the
Trophy Taker.

First, we recommend that you set the rest up so that the launcher actually
falls onto the shelf of the bow. This should be done in such a way as to
ensure that the metal tab that pivots between the two stops on the rest
cannot contact the bottom stop when the rest is down.

Second, we recommend that you cover the launcher with fleece as instructed
in the packaging. This way there is fleece on both sides of the launcher.

Third, we recommend that you place the flat part of the molded arrow
guide on the back of the shelf of your bow so that the falling launcher
will stop on the name and phone number portion of that guide. This will
yield the quietest setup.

One other thing that can cause shot noise is when one side of the launcher
(especially on the Shakey Hunter) hits before the other side (i.e.- perhaps
your launcher is close to the riser of the bow and one prong hits where the
shelf starts to curve up to the side of the riser). To remedy this, build
up the low side until the launcher hits evenly on both prongs.

Usually one of these two combinations will eliminate any shot noise that you
might be hearing. However, if this doesn't fix the problem, please get back
with me and we'll go from there.


Matt Madden

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Good rest

Good people working for Trophy Taker

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I will agree 100%

Those guys are great. I had an issue a couple of months back with fletch contact and also some general setup questions. They got right back with me, answered all my questions and even offered to send me a piece of cord at no charge.

Great bunch at TT.
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