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Hey all, I'm getting some confusing measurements out of my bow and I'm looking for some guidance to make sure I'm troubleshooting it in the proper fashion.

Several years ago I wanted to dabble in target shooting and bought a used '06 Hoyt Pro Elite with what I believe are 2009 XT3000 limbs and 2009 Spiral cams (2.5, for 28.5 draw). I had new strings made, per Hoyt's customer service specs. At the time, I did not know enough about ATA, brace height, etc, so I just threw the strings on the bow when they arrived and did not verify the bow specs.

I got back into archery a couple of months ago and dug out that bow. I also finally made a draw board to check DL, DW, and cam timing/sync. I wanted to get a little more DL, so I took a handful of twists out of the string to add draw length, and added a couple of twists to the buss to keep the rotation somewhat "right", then got the cam sync into spec (top cam slightly ahead) with a couple twists of the cables.

However, now the bow's ATA is long (almost 40.75", vs. spec of 40.125"), but brace height is ALSO high at 8.5" (spec is 8.375...), the DL is 1" over spec at 29.5" (1.75" in front of riser to nock point on the string), AND the draw weight is above 62#! Does this make any sense???

I think I need to rip the strings off and make sure they are in spec and try to start over by putting the bow back into "factory" specs... Is that the way to do it? I don't have any string tools, can I just pull them tight and measure with a tape? In doing research on Hoyt's tune charts, there does not seem to be any variation in specs or string/cable lengths between the various iterations of the Pro Elite + XT3000 + Spiral 2.5, so I'm fairly confident that the string specs are right. But maybe the strings were made wrong....

Any other guidance?

I'm also starting to think I have 70# limbs... because otherwise how could the ATA be long and the DW above spec, right? Seems like simple logic to me...

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You've got a lot to wonder about. First, the limbs should be marked as such with big letters and numbers - XT3000.
There should also be a sticker detailing all that you mentioned, draw weight, draw length, etc. There should also be a 75th Anniversary sticker......

I'd suggest you take it to a Hoyt dealer and have it inspected. And all specs of Hoyt's chart are not correct. My 2006 Hoyt ProElite with XT2000 limbs was first noted in the charts for a ata of 37 3/8". Wrong. A dealer tried to get ata down to the spec of 37 3/8" and again draw weight was headed for 80 pounds and it was a 70 pound bow. It was sent to Hoyt where it took a Bench Man to figure out the specs were wrong.

Here is the Email to me;
"Sonny, here is the answer for your ProElitle. I will call shortly to discuss. Please read the email string below:
~Tom Driffill

Hoyt Customer Service Team
We have built the bow and our published specs. For the axle-axle length are incorrect. The correct length is 37 ¾” not 37 3/8” as published. I will run a DCR to correct this oversight. Let me know if you need anything else on this issue. Thanks.

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Now, if will look the chart for my bow is still not correct - last time I checked. Yep, messed up yet.
2006 ProElite, X2000 limbs, regular cam&1/2 - cam # for 29"

Here's copy


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