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Just thought I would give a quick review of the new T1. The head looks VERY similar to the Wac'em Triton. The difference is, it has thicker blades and a larger cutting diameter, these are two things that I really like. It also has a spring retention system that keeps the blades from falling out when the head is removed from your arrow shaft. Its never bothered me at all having the blades fall out of the Striker or Wac'em, so in my opinion, it seems like they fixed something that really didn't need to be fixed. Almost like its just something to make the head a little different than the other heads. Maybe it has something to do with Patent infringement or something.
The blades on the T1 are very sharp, I would say they are either as sharp or almost as sharp as the Striker's blades. They shaved hair VERY easily. It is listed at 1 1/8" cutting diameter, so it is identical in size to the Striker, I even pulled out a Striker and compared them, like I said, identical. The head feels very solid once screwed onto a shaft, as there is no movement of the blades at all. It weighed exactly 100 grains. Out of my bow, it shot EXACTLY like field points, as do the Striker, Wac'em and Slick Trick Mags. I was only able to shoot 20-30 yards as I can't shoot any further in my backyard, I will update the report as soon as I can really air them out, like 70 or 80 yards.
Its hard to report on these without comparing them to the Wac'em and Striker. I don't think you could go wrong with any of these three heads but if forced to choose, I would choose the T1. It has thicker blades and a slightly larger cutting diameter than the Wac'em, and I had no trouble getting them to spin true on my Easton FMJ 340.
I have had the hardest time getting the Strikers to spin true, they always have a slight wobble. I use a G5 arrow squaring device, I've played with the washers, I've tried everything, but the Strikers are just a pain for me. I don't hear many people mention this about the Strikers but when I screw on just about any other head I have no problem getting perfect alignment but the Strikers never work right. I've tried them with two brass washers, one brass washer, and most recently one brass washer with a steel one backing it up, nothing works. They are just too much of a hassle for me, if they work for you, then stick with them, because I hear nothing but good things about them. I can screw on a Montec and they spin perfectly true, then the Striker, and it wobbles like crazy. I've even bought several different packs, one of them was just a month ago, same problem.
I'm shooting a 470 grain arrow at 287 fps with Blazer vanes, if you were shooting 330 fps+, I would say the Wac'em might be slightly more forgiving because of the smaller cutting diameter, but I couldn't tell a difference in flight between the two. I really like the Slick Tricks and have been using them for several years, so I don't know if I will use the T1 over the Slick Tricks but I'm thinking about it, which is saying something. I really don't know how durable the T1 is, it seems really solid, but I haven't shot them into a steel barrel or anything. If you like the Wac'em and Striker, check these out, they seem really well made.
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