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Trykon XL Z3

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So here's my new Trykon XL Z3 ...

Obviously the bow is an '06 Trykon XL, the limbs have been bumped up to a 110 deflection (Courtesy of tek, here on AT) and the cams are 5.0 Z3's (Courtesy of outbackarcher, also here on AT). The string and cables are Katera XL lengths (Per Hoyt's advise) from Wolfden (Thanks to Jason, who alway's takes care of me). I also need to throw in a thanks to Albert at Omni Press who made me a special order set of U-Pins for my press ...

Now that we have the NASCAR-esque thank you's out of the way on to the bow ...

The ATA is 36 1/4 with a 7 1/4 brace height, 30" draw with 75% letoff. The bow maxes out at 60#, which is what I wanted. It's set to 58# and clocks 273 fps on the chrony. Hoyt calls for the cams to be a 29 1/2" draw on the Katera XL but they come to exactly 30" with this setup, which is perfect for my draw. If anyone has any ideas why there would be a 1/2" differance I'd like to here them. My thoughts are that this is due to the Trykon's riser/limb pocket geometry being different than the Katera's. I'm already shooting much better than I did with the Zephyr cams and the Z3's have an infinitely smoother draw cycle. I thought about doing this for a long time and Hoyt Thompson kinda pushed me over the edge with his Trykon/Vectrix setup. The only thing I'd do different next time is to NOT do this in the middle of hunting season, LOL ...

Go get yours and we'll play ... :cheers:
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What was your setup before the change? How much did your speed change?
It was 36 7/16" ATA, brace was 7 3/8", 60# with a 30" draw at 268 fps with the factory Zephyr's. What I was looking for was the smoother draw cycle, the speed increase is just a bonus ...

I'm sure I'll be doing some more tweaking here and there but I think it's very close to where it all should be ...

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Trykon looks Great

Glad the limbs worked out for ya. The Z3 cams makes the Trykon one sweeeet bow :darkbeer:

I've got my Safari Trykon XL Z3 shooting great also.
51#, 27" 275 grains 283 fps :tongue:

If you have a chrono try placing some nock sets
near your cams, I picked up 5-6 fps using them :)
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