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Just a note that the 80 or so participants in the TSAA's State Field Championship are having a real blast at the venue that in one month's time will be the location for the USA Archery's US National Field Championship (World Games Team Trials - Recurve and Barebow), in Eagle Lake, Texas. This venue is an exotic deer ranch, with a huge variety of game(photos of some of the critters)
If you are curious about what the field looks like, enjoy the photos on the Texas State Archery Association's FaceBook page, and please feel free to LIKE, Share, and COMMENT regarding some of the shots. I have managed to get some great sequences of images...
We also had a great seminar today on Field Shooting Techniques by mutiple world-champion field archer and USAA board member Skip Trafford and Course designer and national champion Rick Stonebraker.

Ron, aka TexARC, Webmaster TSAA
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