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I am trying to get rid of a nock high tear. I get the exact tear with a bare shaft and a fletched shaft.

I am shooting a 360 grain lightspeed arrow.
TT SS1, set at 35 degree angle.
.010 narrow blade.

I have moved the rest up and down.

Down creates a worse tear, up makes the arrow way out of square with the nock point. Plus still seam to have the tear. (am32 bow)

Do I need a backer plate behind the .010, or do I need a weeker launcher, the .008, or what?

I am stumped.


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what poundage and draw length ?
what spine lightspeed ? you said 360gn arrow so i imagine the 400 lightspeeds
what length arrow ?
what point / insert weight ?

probably a spine issue i would think.

i had a similar issue lately,
both a bareshaft and a fletched arrow with 125gn tips
were nock high in the paper .
100gn tips were bulethole,so i had to shorten the shaft slightly.

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you might try a .08 blade it will get out of the way better. Guys around here are using .10 blades with big heavy 2613's no problem. Also how do you have your nock/loop setup? Are you getting arrow pinch? That might be doing it. Or the release your using.
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