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Tuning Problem or Not??

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I am shooting a Hoyt Vtec (2005) @ 63 lbs., GT 5575 XT Hunter 27" with 2" blazers, 100 gr. field point, Draw length 27", Quick Tune 1000 rest.

I noticed while shooting staight on at the target, that from 20 yds. out to 40 yds. that the tail (nock end) of the arrow was leaning to the right in the target. It is barely noticable at 20 yds, but very pronounced at 40 yds.. The point of impact is slightly off, approximately 1 - 2" left when I shoot at 35 - 40 yds, but dead on out to about 25 yds.

What is up with that??:confused:

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Sounds like the center shot may be off a bit.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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