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Hello coleagues ,this is Daniel from Argentina.

I have a tuning question for the Hoyt cam 1/2 experts.

I have a Proelite Cam1/2 ,and super happy with it.
After a year of learning ,now I will like to go into some fine tunning ,and need some help.

First ,I will like to say ,that due to stabilization not right balanced ,I had a tendency to had always the scope ,below the target.
I solved this problem with Tiller offset.

Paper test shows nice holes.

Now I am receiving the complete stabilization system ,side bars and everything ,and plan to retune my bow.

1) I am planning to reset tiller as even ,this will move my nocking point.
Shall I place the nocking point at the previous hight? or what should I do??

2)I constructed a draw board ,and found that ,with my actual configuration ,the draw stop touches before the other cam is in position.(I did the draw board because I was feeling someyhing like 2 different position in draw length ,at full draw.)

The question is : When do you do the Cam1/2 timing sincronization -
At full DW ?
At my DW ?,54 #.
After or before paper tunning?
After or before I have balanced the system with the new stabilization?

I will appreciate your comments ,on the order of the steps to proceed.

regards from a sunny Buenos aires.
Thanks ,Daniel.

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Just go to bow tuning part of the forum and check out Javi's post on cam timing. It is a sticky on the top. Good Luck

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Hoyt experts ,Help needed in Tunning.

Thanks Todzilla.
I have seen the Javi instructions ,and have everything printed and ready to go.

My basic question ,and where I need help is: where do I begin:Which steps to follow and in which secuence.

Nock tunning (center shot)
Stabilizer tunning
Tiller tunning (or leave it even)
Paper tunning
Cam Sync/timming tunning.

If everything is in line ,except the cam 1/2 reaching the stop out of time ,shall I need to touch only the timming.
here is were I need some help from the experts.

As far as I know ,and I have been looking and asking seriously ,I have not found any coleague that can help in my area ,that`s why I am asking help from all of you.

Tks for your support.

I am nobody.........
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I start by eyeballing the nock height, personally I set it 1/16" - 1/8" high.

I then eyeball the centershot at 3/4" from the riser.

At that point I then time the cams.

Once the cam timing is set I then tune in the centershot and nocking point. The reason I do this last is that as you change the lengths of the cable(s) to get timing correct the nock height will move. Grab one of the cables at brace and pull it, thereby making it shorter, and watch the nocking point move up and down. If you try to get the height and centershot set first you will only change it as you fine tune the cam timing.
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