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Turkey Set-up advice...

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The majority of the birds are roosting in a finger of timber that terminates in the northwest corner of a pasture....100 yds out from this corner is a BIG lone juniper....They seem to gravitate to it every morning at flydown...25 yds north of the tree is a fence with a row of small the NE end of the field is an open gate where a handful of toms enter in in the morning after comiong off the roost on an adjascent ridge 500 yds away....So heres my question...

Do I set my blind up on the fence row in the junipers and try to make a shot thru the fence as the birds pass by the lone tree, set up at the opposite end of the field at the open gate that funnels birds into the field, or do I set my blind up directly beneath the lone juniper?

What say you!?!?


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You can set up a blind in the wide open and turkeys wont mind. Just set up the blind wherever you think they will be. If there is space underneath the juniper tree and they are going near it I would definitely use that spot because the tree might give you a ton of shade which will make you even more invisible in the blind.

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I would set up anywhere that I know they will be. Tomorrow morning I am going to be sitting in the middle of a corn field. Wide open spaces and blinds do not bother turkeys. I will have all my dekes within 10 yards. goodluck
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