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Tx-4, z-34, Gt500: best 3d/ target bow

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I am down to the wire, I have to choose: tx-4, z-34, gt500
Mt concerns: tx-4 brace height, hand shock shootability: axle to axle

z-34: axle to axle

Both: concerns about pearson

Elite: positives: local pro shop
negatives: cost, and "shootability"

Has anyone shot all three. I shot the z-34: quiet, smooth draw
I did not shoot the tx-4
Elite: Ultra-smooth, some recoil (IMO).

Any tuning issues on the above. I am going to order one of these bows in the next couple of days.
Any opinions, experience would be appreciated.
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The Z 34 is one of the Best all around bows I have ever owned or shot. The Z7 cam is smooth and fairly fast. If you want all out speed the TX-4 with the Binary cams is smoking. The Elites also make some nice Equiptment but I wouldnt overlook the Pearson's and they would have a better price if that matters. Call Jim [email protected] Select Archery as he sells both and he will give you his honest opinion to suit your needs.
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