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What type of rest do you use for hunting?

  • Drop Away

    Votes: 50 47.2%
  • Prong

    Votes: 26 24.5%
  • Whisper Bisc.

    Votes: 18 17.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 12 11.3%
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trophy taker on my Legacy. Old (discontinued :mad: )NAP flipper/plunger combination rest on my PSE Jackal (a camo olympic style hunting bow) and a piece of leather on my Rick Wray (Miami Bow Co) 52 pound longbow

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Really use to like the NAP rests, the best of them as far as the RazorTec was concerned was the QT1000, simple and effective. Tried a QT3000 and never could get the tension on the prongs set right it tended to stick often.

Then I tried a QT4000, because I wanted to use a hard heilcal fletch, that was a waste of time the cable rubbed the riser and nothing would quite it down.

I tried the Trophy Taker Shakey Hunter, man I like saying that name... sound kind of trick don't it...

Anyway, hard heilical works great, no noise, no vibration, and my groups tightened a bunch...
1 - 20 of 55 Posts
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