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Unit 61 Archery Elk Advice

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My hunting partner and I both have Unit 61 Archery Elk Tags (still can't believe it), and are working on doing our homework. Neither of us has ever set foot in the Unit, but will be spending may hours looking over maps and will get at least two scout trips of 2-3 days in prior to the season. Each of us has only killed one elk with a bow, so we will not be holding out for 350 plus.. Any nice 6x6 (hopefully 300 or better) will likely get an arrow release at it. We would both prefer to do this as a DIY hunt. Any feedback on the unit would be greatly appreciated.. depending on how the scouting goes we may also get some assistance from a outfitter / guide for packing gear and hopefully elk quarters... info on any experience you have with outfitters in the area would be greatly appreciated.
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Ya'll must be the luckiest guys around! I'm building points right now for 61 as a nonresident. Should take me 12+ years. Good luck on your scouting trips and hunts! Wish I could help. I've been in the area alot but have never hunted, so I don't know what to tell you. I know there's lots and lots of dark timber and basically the entire unit is accessed from the top of a huge ridge road that runs the length of the unit. The hunting area is everything on the western slope of the ridge. The other side (east side) of the road is an OTC unit, I think.
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