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Universal vs Fitted Nocks

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Sportsmans Warehouse this spring had a bunch of Nockturnal Universal fit nocks at 30% off. I bought a bunch and have been using them on my current arrow build. Question do the "universal" fit nocks introduce any tuning issues (looser fit, affect nock tuning, etc)? Just wondered. Didn't know how much the fit of the nock played in.

I will say in almost all I have put them in its a pretty tight fit. One, which I think is the arrow's issue was barely loose. The others I have to grab pliers to pull them out when I need to.
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I wonder what universal fit is? since most arrows have a different internal diameter and take different nocks unless you buy specific uni-bushings. My PS26, Fatboys, and Vaps all use G nocks because I bought the proper uni-bushings. Sounds to me like the universal fit is .246 and you are using arrows that take a .245 nock.
There are Nockturnals you can buy that have all the bushings for every common type of arrow. That is what I am calling universal nocks.
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