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Well, I just got off the phone with Carter. I didn't talk to Forrest and I failed to get the guys name who I talked to. He stated that Carter went from the heavy strap to a different one due to the manufacturer not being able to keep up with demand. The strap I recieved is a design that was made for Sportsmans Warehouse to sell. Fair enough but the strap is still not the quality of the originals.

Now for the conclusion, the guy I talked to said he had two used straps he would send me for the price of postage and I could send the other one back or donate it to a kid that needs a strap. This was never about getting something for free. I paid for one strap and that is all I wanted. I will return the one I have($18.50) and pay the shipping back $3-4, they are charging me $7 to ship the used ones. I guess I will end up paying around $29 for the two used straps. Not what I wanted but a workable solution given that this strap is no longer made.

In the original post, I never stated Carter had bad customer service, I said I was disappointed in the quality of the strap, still am. This is my opinion and I have a right to it. Just as all of you have the right to yours. If you like the new strap, enjoy it and good shooting.

I would like to thank Carter for making the effort to make this right or as close to right as possible, I never doubted that they wouldn't at least refund the money, if there was no other recourse.
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