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Update on the Tactical Tapps

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When we first developed the Spynal Tapps it took about a year to work all of the inconsistency issues out of them. We would get in 50 dozen and have to cull anywhere from 10 to 25% of them.

Today that is not the case and it shows in the Tactical Tapps, since the introduction of the Tacticals we have culled 2 shafts out of a few hundred dozen.

Soon we will begin to work on a new Spynal Tapp that has similar technology to the Tactical Tapps. My goal is to develop a different composite then wrap it in the carbon fiber material and a similar no label design that the Tactical Tapps have.

To say I am extremely impressed with the consistency of the Tactical Tapp shafts is an understatement, they are the most consistent shafts I have seen in nearly 13 years of developing and building arrows.

On a side note the double tapp concept is not dead, I am currently working with Randy at black eagle to develop a new insert concept that will produce the same results we had with the double wall Tapp while avoiding any patent infringements.

Once developed this insert system will be available with Tactical & Spynal Tapps.
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A BIG "thank you" ! Jerry for all you have done and continue to do for the advancement of crossbow arrows :thumbs_up

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Jerry - I would think the double wall Tapps "dynamic spine" (or whatever it's called) would react a bit stiffer than the single wall Tapps. Is there a reasonable velocity range each one would be best suited for? Thanks.
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