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Texas Dateline: Lindsey Carmichael, (Beijing Medalist and USAA Level III coach), Tom Barker (Level IV USAA Coach/ITS staff/Head of Straight Arrow Archery Learning Center as well), and myself will join a number of dedicated archery coaches in Colorado Springs Jan 11th to attend an annual archery coaching learning symposium at the Olympic Training Center.

This will be my 5th or 7th such event, and every time I come home with a huge fire stoked to be a better coach and mentor, with ideas, methods, and information from a host of varying disciplines brought together as only the USOC environment can do.

To maximize the benefit and spread the knowledge gained from this event, Lindsey and I plan to hold a USAA COACHING LEVEL III certification course only a week or so after we return from the rocky mountain state, incorporating the latest and greatest concepts in coaching from USAA national head coach Kisik Lee and his staff.

If you are a level II coach and have several years of experience actively coaching students AND you want to be able to contribute to the creation of elite archer-athletes, this course is for you. If you are an archer wishing to really expand your abilities and knowledge, have more fun, and are a level II you can sign up for this challenge as well - a primary focus of the course is establishing a fundamental understanding of all aspects of the NTS and you would be a far better archer yourself as a result. If you are not (yet) a level II, EVERY serious archer should take the level II (and I) course - the insights gained will be worth the effort, and you may discover the joys of teaching others helps sustain you in the sport in a completely selfish way - you discover you feel better helping others do better. ANYWAY, for more information on this Austin, TX Level III course, go to the Training Ops page of the TSAA website.

and zero in on the link to the information for the course - attendees will be limited in number which insures everyone gets maxed on attention and knowledge. Incidentally, I had spent more than 20 years of my life as a professional teacher of hospital pharmacists/technicians one-on-one in a hospital/clinical environment before blending my life into archery coaching. This gives me a somewhat unique qualification (not that I hand out drugs or anything like that during courses, but I do include drug/USADA information as well as advanced photography tool use) in teaching professionals the merits of the KSL Shot Cycle and the NTS methodology in addition to my own philosophies.

Best of all, I have been told by past students in multiple classes (unbidden) that being the student recipient of the experiences of both Lindsey and myself combine in teaching to have a synergistic effect in our classes. Those that know Lindsey as a competitor know just how talented of a person and communicator she is, and past students can speak to her teaching abilities as well.
Have I interested you yet? :D :D

Incidentally, the USAA Coaching Committee has enabled a new COACH LOCATOR FEATURE on the USAA website. I'm really jazzed to note that more than 2/3 of the level III coaches that it lists for Texas are a result of courses I have had a hand in, and not just a few of the level IIs as well.

Where ever you live, if you wish to be a better mentor, a better competitor, a more well informed archer, I urge you to locate a coach near you and persuade that coach to share some knowledge. :)
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