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Use of different string materials ?

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What would be the advantanges of using 452X for my cables and 8125 for my strings be ? Would you have less timing issues by using the 452X for your cables but still gaining a little speed with the 8125 for the string? How many of you switch up with two different materials and what benefits do you feel you've gained if any ? :eek:
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All the cables that I build for myself, friends and for the shop I shoot for are made from UltraCam. It is a great material for cables - no creep, no stretch and as stable as can be. The strings that I build are either TS-1 or D-75 Thin. These are also great materials, but I think they are suited for strings and not cables. Now, you can build a string from UltraCam, but it most likely will be slower than TS-1 or D-75 Thin. You can also build cables from TS-1 and D-75 Thin, but they may move on you.

The products I mention above are Brownell products, but you can substitue BCY 450X for UltraCam and BCY 8125 for TS-1 and get the same results.

It is mostly my opinion that I feel that an extremely stable material such as UltraCam or 452X is better suited for cables than TS-1, D75 Thin or 8125. I like having UltraCam cables and not even thinking twice about my cam timing. I do know that UltraCam will not stretch as much as TS-1, D75 Thin or 8125 (I have not used 452X) and it will seat much quicker also.

Also, I believe that the way a product is manufactured also affects its performance - % of components, twisting, etc. Thus, I like the UltraCam for the cables and TS-1 / D75 Thin for strings.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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