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Use of different string materials ?

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What would be the advantanges of using 452X for my cables and 8125 for my strings be ? Would you have less timing issues by using the 452X for your cables but still gaining a little speed with the 8125 for the string? How many of you switch up with two different materials and what benefits do you feel you've gained if any ? :eek:
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Eric Griggs is currently building me a set of Ultracam cables and a TS1 string for a spiral cam experiment I am building. The reason for this is the huge amount of stress spirals put on the cables. The UltraCam will resist the stretch more readily than TS1. I am going to TS1 for the string for it's well know ability to add speed.

Send Eric an email and I'm sure he will explain it better than I.
Here is how it was explained to me. The cables are under a huge amount of stress all the time, much more than the strings. Using a lower stretch material there will be better. It has been told to me that a spiral cam during the draw cylcle can see forces beyond 300lbs. You are wasting energy when you are using a more elastic material because the cable's job is to compress the limbs through the pulley system.

The string on the other hand does not see this amount of stress except right at the time the arrow is released from the string and the cam system snaps into the "at rest" position. Using a more "elastic" string like 8125 or TS1 will "soften" the shot and build a little more speed. Just because it is more elastic does not mean that it will stay that length...stretch to me refers to a permanent condition. 8125 and TS1 have proven to be elastic, but not stretch excessively over time.
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