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Use of different string materials ?

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What would be the advantanges of using 452X for my cables and 8125 for my strings be ? Would you have less timing issues by using the 452X for your cables but still gaining a little speed with the 8125 for the string? How many of you switch up with two different materials and what benefits do you feel you've gained if any ? :eek:
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I do not think it matters what combinations are used or not used, although there is a little velocity advantage with dyneema (8125, D75, etc).

Not being concerned with a small velocity change, they all seem to function fine for me, however I prefer 452X because it has a higher percentage of dyneema than the other blends.

10xring, why would you think dyneema cables would move on you if you don't think a dyneema string moves on you?
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