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Item: Uukha Sx+ Limbs
Length: Long (70" on a 25" Riser)
Poundage: 46 lbs
Details: Please see Lancaster Archery Supply Item Link
New Retail Price: $999.99
Asking Price: $750.00 (Shipped to your door within the US, international shipping may require additional cost)
Description: Barely used, Brand new current generation hotness from Uukha. Received these limbs on 2/3/2022 and shot them for a few weeks until my Win & Win MXT-10 limbs showed up. Shot both off and on for another 6 weeks or so until I decided I wanted to keep the MXT-10's so these are being sold. No dings or scratches, only some minor wear marks on the clear coat in the usual places from regular use. Will include Lancaster Archery Supply invoice for use if you ever need to utilize manufacturer warranty.
Included: Limbs, Original Packaging, Uukha Limb Sleeves, Uukha Informational Card, Uukha Sticker