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~~vanes that would work the best for 3-D~~

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hey guys.. im in the open class now and shooting out to 50 yards. my ? is what are you pros using?? had 1.5 fusions ,1.5 x2s n they seem to be ok but think a different vane mite help . im shooting a elite gt-500 bow set at 56 lbs . my dl is 28 and have 80 gr glue in tips. total arrow weight is 284. im open for anything and will try anything if i can shoot a lil better.... Dave
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sorry im gonna be shooting ibo.. and carbon tech makes the cheethas .. i also have easton light speed 3-ds in a 400 and 500s spine. they are cut the same as the cheethas. if thes wont work ill buy new ones its not a big deal. i get all my arrows at cost . have a good friend that works at archery shop so i get all my archery stuff cheap
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