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Vension Hot Dogs?

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Has anyone ever made hot dogs with only vension and no pork mixed in?
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they are much better then a regular hot dog....i have never made them myself but we have had them made...u should realyl get some made
Absolutely beyond good! I have them made but they are mixed with fresh pork. Venision is way too dry alone. Hotdogs, kilbasa, pepperoni all mixed with some fresh pork. Every product I have made I have to give 10lbs of venision and in retun I get 20 lbs of product. This place is so good they had the Television Food Network knocking on their door one day. They went from locally liked to now world famous besides out of control busy during hunting season.
oh yeah

I get all link "sausages" processed w/ summer sage hot spices & little pieces of pork fat . UNBELIEVABLE!!! best tailgate meat in the world and fits right at home w/ a hot dog bun & some mustard
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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