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I had an old Darton CPS that did this same thing minus any fletch interference it had a biscuit or TM hunter rest on it..

I've got this Hoyt with QAD rest shooting bullet holes through paper so it probably is no concern, BUT...
At full draw the nock is noticably low, with the arrow appearing to be pointing up.
If I eyeball it and move the nock to where the arrow is level at full draw, the arrow tears an obvious nock high. Lower the nock, it tears bullet holes again but appears nock low at full draw.

I have experienced some minor fletch interference with the dropped QAD rest (the fletching is polishing the moleskin a bit on the rest).

Can fletch interference appear "fix" a low nock point, causing the arrow to kick up appear to fly straight? If I move my rest down, it hits the shelf upon release. If I move the rest up and nock point up to make the arrow straight...well I don't know how it shoots because it still appears the QAD rest doesn't hold the arrow high enough to surely avoid fletch interference when it is down upon the release.

I think the QAD launcher arm could be a bit "taller" to keep the arrow and nock point a little higher so clearance is not an issue.

It does fly my muzzys good at 25 yards. Should I just leave it and worry about it after bow season?
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