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Victory Arrows

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I just wanted to thank everybody for the support and I can't wait until next year:)

I will be out of office for a couple day's so if you need something please call Justin King at 866-934-6565 ext 117.

If you need info about the 2009 Victory Shooting Staff please email your resume to Brian at [email protected]

I gave Brian several slots to fill and you better hurry:wink:
Its not the best archer we are looking for; it a person with a great love of the sport of archer!

The ASA and IBO winner's took all my fun money last year and I might have to get a second job to support my archery:wink:

If any of you have ever had an issue with Victory arrows to please call Justin or myself and let us take care of it first before you post:wink:
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Folks need to come join the winning team :shade:

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