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Brand New

Victory VAP Gamer

Brand New Unopened Factory Fresh

.003 Straightness Tolerances

1. Spine Aligne Every Arrow Digitally Spine Aligne for Increased Accuracy and Shot to Shot Consistency.
2. Matched Weight - Each Dozen Weight Matched to +- 0.5 Grains for Precise Shot Consistency and Tighter Grouping.
3. Ice Nano Ceramic Coating - Advance Nano Ceramic Arrow Coating Improves Penetration and Allows for Easy Removal from Targets.
4. Micro Diameter Arrow - High Modulus 100% Carbon Fiber Construction Micro Diameter for Maximum Speed & Penetration with less Wind Deflection.

Optional Add Ons:

Stainless Steel 303 Grade Points in either 90-110 grain or 120-140 grain $17.99 per dozen
Pin Nock Adapters (pins) $9.99 per dozen
Pin Nocks $9.99 per dozen

Total price for a dozen shafts, points, pins, and pin nocks is $136.97
Shafts only $99

To order please send me a private message with your desired order. I will then email you a paypal invoice with all items itemized.

Please send me private messages if you are interested. I receive no notification if you reply to this post.

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