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Greetings all you toxophilites out there ( no, it's not a rare disease, it's greek for archer - so maybe it is a rare disease of sorts.)
By way of intro: My name is Rod Briggs and I live in Ballito in Kzn. I used to shoot recurves and taditional bows but stopped when my trusty old recurve gave up the ghost about 20 yrs ago.
Recently my better half, Fiona, was watching the olympics and showed a glimmer of interest in the archery - a glimmer was all the excuse I needed to drag her off to feel it for herself - i took her to Blackhawk in Hilton where Lloyd did a great job of gently introducing her to the joys of the draw. The outcome is that we bought a couple of "starter" take down recurve bows 40# for me and 20# for Fi. As is the way of these things, and as Fiona really enjoys the traditional target aspect I am on the hunt for a competition recurve ( Hoyt Gold/Pro medallist or similar) for myself, and, no doubt, once she grows beyond her current bow, one for the boss as well. There is no rush so if anyone out there hears about such a find please let me know.

Although I have years of archery, of all forms, under my belt, i'm a total novice at this cyber-space thing, so I hope this missive finds its way into this brave new world.
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