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Viper Microtune Lens?

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I am wanting to get a lens for my Viper Predator Microtune sight. My question is whether or not I need a sunshade to contain the lens or if the lens itself is threaded... Thanks a bunch in advance.

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Any body have any idea?
No , the lens isn't threaded , you can hold it in place with the sunshade , or with the small retainer ring , the same that is also on the scopes .

Greetings from Europe :darkbeer:
You can buy the ring with the o-ring from Viper for $12 or the sunshade for $20. Either will hold the lens in place.
Thanks guys I appreciate the help! :)

I just ordered the 6x lens and the retainer kit from viper so it should be here (relatively) soon, along with a clarifier.

Can't wait!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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