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If anyone could help me out with this problem, I would greatly appreciate it. I tuned my ViperTec using the procedures found in one of JAVI's posts. Draw weight is currently at about 67 pounds and draw length is at about 29.25 inches. I am currently trying to paper tune and am having a problem with a high right tear (bare shaft). I have tried about everything to correct it.

After tuning, my ATA came out to 32 5/16 (the tune chart says it should be 32 1/8), but the draw length is slightly shorter than what it should be AMO. My brace height is a little short also. The cams appear to be timed; I am about 1/32 of an inch off in tiller measurement with both limbs bottomed out. There is only a half millimeter difference in the cable alignment with the timing holes. Draw stop is also set correctly.

I have tried moving the nock point down and the arrow rest up; it only makes a difference when adjusted in an EXTREME amount. I have tried different spined arrows as well (Gold Tip 5575 and 7595), but this did not seem to help. My arrow rest is a NAP Smart Rest drop away. It raises fully about 2 inches before reaching full draw.

I do not believe it is a form issue. This is my first time tuning a Hoyt and the only thing I can think of at this point is whether or not the ATA issue is affecting anything. I have run out of ideas; any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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