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I'm very glad you made all the PSAA shoots I hope you had a great time shooting! I always do! The PSAA is like home to me I always try to make all the shoots possible in my busy shoot schedule.

You have brought up a great point there is a difference in the rules between the NFAA and the PSAA I use to be on your side of the fence and thought the way you do! But the numbers don't lie the PSAA is the largest archery Org. on the east coast in membership numbers and shoot numbers! The people of the PSAA have spoken in the past! example....... the NFAA hosted nationals at Mechanicsburg and the rank and file PSAA members didn't attend the shoot just a few elite PSAA shooters were in attendance. That has me come to the conclusion that the majority of the members don't want NFAA rules. Also look at the PFATA another great org. but I'm sure they didn't have half the shooters for there field shoot that the PSAA did. I also attended the outdoor mids this year and i was shocked at the lack of participation! I had also told the councilman that it would be my last outdoor mids i will attend until they get there shoot fixed.

John ask yourself why does the PSAA rules have to be wrong maybe the NFAA is wrong (it wouldn't be the first time)

Please don't get me wrong I'm a great supporter of the NFAA and what they are doing for archery especially indoor archery! I have been around for many years now and can tell you the grass is definitely not greener on the other-side!

Jason L Carbaugh
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