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Mar-Den Vortex pro extreme 125 grain

Plywood 3 points
Steel drum 3 points
Orange 4 points
Cutting diameter 5 points
Accuracy 5 points
Blades 2 points
Total score: 22 with a blade sharpness rating of B

This is one big broadhead! It has a huge 2 ¾” cutting diameter. It is a two blade swing open style mechanical, typical of the Mar-Den/Vortex line of heads. When closed the blades have a 7/8” cutting diameter, and when open look out, you get the full 2 ¾” cut. Let me first get this out of the way, if you are shooting low kinetic energy setups, I would not even consider this head, except for turkeys. In my opinion this just may be the best turkey broadhead ever made. That said, if you have plenty of kinetic energy to spare, this would make a devastating whitetail head!
In the plywood the head stopped short of full penetration. This was not a big surprise considering how large it is, but it did get most of the way through and was undamaged. In the steel drum the head penetrated the first side, with the tip and part of the body sticking in the back wall. Both blades were bent and twisted, but all cutting surface remained. In the orange the head opened most of the way by the time it exited the back, but it showed the 7/8” cut on the front when it entered.
This is yet another impressive head from Mar-Den, it is accurate, sharp, and considering how large it is, penetration was excellent. Like I said before, this is not a broadhead for modest equipment, but if you have the horsepower to push it through it should be excellent for deer size game. How much Kinetic energy do you need? Well if you have to ask you probably don’t have enough. On the other hand, for turkey this would be an excellent choice for just about any setup. The bottom line is take time to consider what your setup will do, and choose wisely. I must say this is probably the first broadhead I have tested that may very well need it’s own zipcode!
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