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Vortex Sweat, Fog, Light, Test!

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Ok, got my Vortex Sidewinders in today and everyone that looked at and thru them were impressed. My dad wanted a pair immediately and he and I seldom agree on anything. I couldn't wait till evening came so I could test them in low light situations and scout some fields for deer as well. The moment came and to top it off I got on my mountain bike and made a few miles long circle checking out fields and wooded areas for deer. Course it's 90+ in East Humidity Texas so I figured I would also find out about fog issue's as well. These things passed the test. Saw a couple does at about 200 yards clear and a bell. Later after putting up a good sweat I glassed some other areas and no fog!!! Now to top it all off, I ride back to the store walk in the A/C and no fog!!! To top it off I put them on a scale and they weighed in less than my Bushnell Legend's.....and the Vortex have protective eyecups and straps as I had removed the harness system from my Bushnell's!

Not knocking the Bushnell's by any means but for the price difference I could get some darn good arrrows and other accessories!

Oh, and the light test....I did the job! Can't wait to chase elk with them.
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Gotta love them Sidewinders. The new Razors are out and will be everybit as they are worth!
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