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I waited months for the new Vortex Vulture 10x56 to come out and they were worth the wait.

They replaced a pair of Nikon Lookout III 10x50's that have done me well for a LONG time. I even remember paying around 120$ for them from Service Merchandise which might tell you as to how long I've had them.

Before going with Vortex I started to shop around and gathering info. about all the bino brands there are out there and whatever reviews I could find. Of course the users here on AT helped as I did a search. It really came down to either Alpen or Vortex after much reading and then I settled with Vortex once I saw the new Vultures they were coming out with.

Granted the Vultures cost 3x what my Nikons cost me, I had no problems paying the extra money. I not only use binos for archery but also while Im out and about looking at deer in fields or whenever Im needing some extra reach for my eyes. I wanted a larger objective than the 50mm my Nikons were and the Vultures fit the bill along with my price point...less than 400$.

The first thing I noticed with them was the larger exit pupils they had which allows more light to pass through them besides the objective lense. You can easily tell the difference in the pics with the exit pupils. The covering around them is comfrontable in the hands and the case that came with them is nicely padded along with the neck strap and lense covers. Looking through them definitely was 'eye candy' giving me a bright picture in all settings, morning, mid day, and evening.

I did look through some Nikon Monarchs that were 10x50 or 10x56, but the view wasn't as good as the Vortex's. Plus Nikon doesnt have as good as a warranty as Vortex and you can read more about Nikons customer service here on AT my doing a search.

Vortex offers a lifetime warranty whether you are the original owner or the 10th owner of them.

All in all Im VERY happy with the new Vortex Vulture 10x56 and I hope Im able to get 10-15yrs of life out of them :D
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