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W.I.S.E. Game Camera Software 1.6! Deer Camera Survey and Harvest Data charts!

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W.I.S.E. 1.6 has just been released!

New Functionality

Trail Camera Survey Charts

Note: Trail camera survey charts are comparison of entered surveys. You choose which surveys to compare, whether it be year-over-year
for a single property or comparison between two properties.

  • Total Unique Bucks
  • Estimated Deer (total, bucks, & does)
  • Deer Density* Measured in Acres/Deer (total, bucks & does)
  • Age Structure (unique bucks)
  • Antler Quality
  • Buck-to-Doe Ratio and fawn Recruitment

Harvest Data Charts

  • Buck/Doe Harvest
  • Average Age (bucks & does)
  • Average Weight -- Live Weight and Dressed (bucks & does)
  • Average Antler size (inches)

Performance Improvements
  • Image Gallery responsiveness has been improved greatly when there are many images

User-Friendly Improvements
  • Automatic upgrade notification
  • Automatic localized backups of data on upgrades
    so that you can always roll back to a previous version
  • Added "Change Weather Station" button to the Weather Import/Sync screen
  • Added "Go to Image Gallery" and "Charts" button to the Trail Camera Survey analysis

Please email [email protected] with any questions or improvements you would like to see.