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Wait for the right angle..

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Then make a poor shot. Had a nice doe and fawn, come into one of my micro plots, first she stopped quartering to, then turned around quartering away, small branch covering exactly where I want to shoot. Still haven't come to full draw, then she turns around and is quartering to, then I can tell she is shifting to broadside. Fawn behind her, lol. Finally she is broadside a bit quartering away at 30 yds, come to full drawn settle in and arrow sails low and back a bit. She takes off like a bat out heck, arrow sticking out but I watch the nocturnal until it disappears. Got down, went to where she was standing, blood and corn. Walked across to where she entered thick stuff and walked to a big tree about 20yds in that she went left of, quite a bit of blood and I could see it ahead. Did an about face and am going back in the morning. She ran like I may have caught her heart and the blood wasn't just gut shot, but I am waiting. I actually got a picture of her on the trail cam standing where I shot her, then her bounding off about a minute later.
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So I started the track about 0600, dark, found my arrow after 200 yds I could see the nocturnal.
Brown Wood Bedrock Twig Trunk

First bed 50tds down this trail.
Brown Groundcover Art Bedrock Pattern

Bed was frozen, followed blood and then it just stopped, you guys know that is, just nothing. She had ran east then had started north a bit and my intuition and experience said she was going that way but no blood to follow. So I did grid to the east and south, down every deer trail, looking behind every tree top, nothing. I kept going back to last blood and for the life of me I couldn't pick the blood trail going north. So I grid search west parallel to her first trail, nothing. So I eventually decided to look north and after back and forth found a spec of blood.
Plant Road surface Asphalt Grey Tree

Blood was like this across cornfield and neighbors bean field.
Wood Branch Twig Plant Trunk

I was surprised that she had gone out into an open field.
Ecoregion Organism Terrestrial plant Font Map

From where I lost blood, reticle, to where I picked up again, was about 100yds, but from where I had lost blood prior to cornfield to where I found her was 575 yds.
Terrestrial plant Slope Biome Font Grass

I had lost blood again at the far edge of the bean field where I stopped my trace, I have tracked on that property before, not me, but for a buddy, so I got down in ditch and was walking on the ice looking at every crossing and eventually her at one. She had been dead a while.
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"Exit." Going across the bean field I could follow her track when blood was scarce it seemed she was kicking her leg out a bit and it made a noticeable scuff in the ground.
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Pericardial sac was just gone.
Plant Human body Neck Petal Organism

a lot of trauma in thoracic cavity, I believe the BH staying in her for those 200yds just sliced everything up, though I am wondering why she got out of that bed and took off. When she first went into the cornfield I tried to figure if she was feeding, but with the blood being consistent I figured not. As for the arrow, I took pics but they didn't come very good, being a camo arrow, but fletching did look like a gut shot, but mostly blood. Rage Tryphan. She was quartering away, but can't figure out the gut, though the material was just at the entrance and exit. Tracking wise it was a challenge, so I just kept at it, spent quite a bit of time at last blood, fanning out. Only change I would have made perhaps, was started looking north more quickly, once she started heading north it was pretty much a straight line. I was thinking about the water and ditch, giving the fact I had figured I had hit for gut that I actually did. I was VERY happy when I found her, the ups and downs of losing, finding retracing my steps, I made 2 attempts across the bean field by going back to road and starting over, which helped in recovery. Shot wise I waited for a good shot angle and next time I just need to aim a bit higher.
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