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Wall Tent Coat Rack (PVC)

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Here in the Pacific North West we are known for our rain. It's nice to have a place to hang your damp clothes after a long day of hunting.
Here is the solution I came up with to handle the problem. It is made from 1.5" PVC pipe. The hangers are 1/2" PVC pipe. the unit is hung onto the wall tent frame using a standard eye hook that I bent open so it could slip over the 1" electrical conduit tent frame. it leans against the upright and that keeps the hanger pipes at a consistent angle. They worked so great that I now plan on building enough to have it run the entire length of the tent on both sides.

How I built it.
Cut the 1/5" pipe so it spans your vertical uprights of your tent
I installed the hooks and hung it on the frame. Then I fiddled with the angle of the hanger pipes to get it at an angle that looked good.
I marked that angle on the end and then clamped it in a vise so the angle was vertical.
I used a hand drill with a 5/8" spade bit to drill a vertical hole all the way through the 1.5" pipe. I know a spade bit is a clunky tool but it's not fine furniture for crying out loud. :)
Cut the 1/2" hanger piped to 6" long.
Slather the 1/2" hanger end with a liberal amount of PVC pipe glue and slide it into the 5/8" holes with 1/8" to 1/4"sticking out on the far side.
A liberal application of the glue again on both sides after inserting it makes sure a permanent bond is achieved.
I plan on gluing on a coupler to one end so I can daisy chain them together to create custom lengths.


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