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Wall Tent stove from a parking machine...

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Hi Everyone
I work for a company that does parking equipment installs, We had a client want to remove a bunch of these Luke II machines that were really old and needed to be upgraded. I asked him whatcha going to do with the bases from those machines, he said "I was expecting you guys to throw them out". Strangely one of them ended up in the back of my truck. Bellow is the what I did with it. Most everything is bolted on with a little welding on the smoke stack ring and the legs.

Payphone Telephone booth Vehicle Technology Gas

This is the base in it's natural habitat.

Machine Wood Gas Machine tool Tool
Machine Gas Wheel Furniture Wood

After sanding it and cleaning off the paint I realized it was actually stainless steel. "BONUS"

Bumper Automotive exterior Auto part Automotive wheel system Electronics
Tree Furniture Outdoor grill Gas Barbecue grill

Then of course as should be the case with all hunting equipment it has to be painted camouflage...
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and here is the photo of the tent the stove is expected to heat.


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thanks guys
I have 2 more of these stainless steel boxes that you can pickup in person in Redmond Wa or if you want to pay the shipping bill I'll send one to ya. PM me if you are interested.
Just the metal base not a wood stove.


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