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Hi to all from Rob K at Lancaster Archery! I hope that everyone is having a great summer in archery.

I find myself in the embarrassing situation of needing to ask if any Pro Shop or an archer has any Easton black 1912 or 2012 X7 Eclipse arrows or shafts that they would be willing to sell. I'm testing recurve indoor arrow setups for our 14 year old son and 12 year old daughter shooting JOAD and these shafts were discontinued by Easton about 3 years ago. They would need to be at least 28" long or preferably longer... Points would be a bonus, but not necessary as I have a lathe... :)

I'd like to get them as much shaft diameter as possible in the .675 to .775 spine range and fit them with heavy points and feathers... These shafts should do the trick nicely!

Thanks so much! Please send a PM or send any email, chat or phone call to the shop. I'll pick up the shipping too of course...

Sincerely Yours in Archery,
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