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I recently got a bow for Christmas from a friend who picked it up at a garage sale. It's a 66" "Bud Hitt Supreme" however, searching around all I can find is his Black Ace model. My "Supreme" model however is not as angular, yet very sleek, I have yet to find anything that even closely resembles it. was not stored right, and when I got it I noticed a limb is severely warped to the left. I threw my stringer on there, and just slight tension showed it was pretty much a show bow at this point unless, which is the main piece of info I'm looking for...

Does anyone know if there's a way to fix a limb twist?

And does anyone have anymore knowledge of Hitt's bows? Like...would this be a custom bow he made for someone, thus the "supreme" and unusual style, or is it just really hard to find information on Hitt, and I'm over-thinking it?

Thanks in advance, hopefully someone can give me a few answers
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