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Cougar Incident Reports Now Available Online
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Posted on: 08/01/05 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Reports of cougar interactions with people, pets and livestock in Washington state are now available online through the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) website.

The new database, which gives the public the ability to view reported cougar sightings from the past 30 days, was created at the direction of the Washington State Legislature as a result of continued public concern over human/cougar interactions.

House Bill 1832, which was signed into law during the 2005 legislative session, requires WDFW to post on its website the details of reported interactions between cougars and people, pets and livestock within 10 days of the agency receiving such a report.

Cougar interaction reports can be viewed at on the Internet. Reports include a brief of the incident from the responding WDFW enforcement officer and the outcome of each incident.

“This new website provides up-to-date information about where cougars are being sighted, and how our enforcement staff is responding to citizen calls,” said WDFW Enforcement Chief Bruce Bjork.

Interactions with a cougar or bear may be reported by calling the WDFW dangerous wildlife hotline, 1-800-477-6224
I put this in the legislative forum due to the hunting for cougars with hounds situation. This is a good reference site to gain positive info for debate about this subject.
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