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Hey guys I just received the following email from one of the directors for Josh's Hope Foundation. We have been contacted by a family whose son will be having surgery which will probably cause him to go blind. The surgery will be taking place in October and we are trying to provide an elk hunt for him in September. If you would like to help with a donation of any amount, please let me know.

Hello Friends,
I received a call form a mother that has a 13 year old son, Timmy. Timmy has a rare bone disease called, "Fibro displasia". This causes bones to grow quickly and become brittle. The disease has effected his scull the most. He has had to have his scull rebuilt and currently has 50 screws in his head. Pressure continues to build in his head causing severe pain. The doctors feel they need to operate again but are concerned that another operation will cause him to lose his sight. His mom has asked Josh's Hope Foundation to help give her son some good memories before this happens. Timmy loves to hunt and would find great joy in hunting for Elk. Elk hunts run in the $5,000 to $10,000 range. I have found an outfitter that will provide the hunt for $2,500.

Here is where you can help.

Josh's Hope is offering 3 levels of sponsorship to help with this hunt.

Gold Sponsor - $100 or more
Receives: Josh's Hope T-shirt, Entertainment Book (for your area) and a Krispy Kream Discount card.

Silver Sponsor - $75
Receives: Josh's Hope T-shirt and Entertainment Book

Bronze Sponsor - $50
Receives: Josh's Hope T-shirt and Krispy Kream Discount card.

Entertainment books which consist of hundreds of dollars in coupons for various restaurants and businesses. Coupons range from fast food to fine dining to movie theaters and other entertainment establishments.

Krispy Kream Cards offer 10 free boxes of donuts on a buy one get one arrangement - $60 value

Josh's Hope T-shirt has our corporate logo on the front and "The Great Outdoors Adventure Series" logo on the back.

All sponsors will have their name listed on a card that will be given to the family so that they can see the names of people who cared about them and their son.

Please respond to this e-mail if you would like to participate and I will contact you.

Thank you,
Jeff Olson
Josh's Hope Foundation
(847) 885-1226

"Special Adventures For Special Kids"
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