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Weak Arrow Shoots Better Then Properly Spined Arrow

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I got a new Katera about two months ago. Got it all tuned up and shooting great with CE Maxima arrows. This week, I thought I might see how it shoots with a little heavier arrow. My 62 lb. Vectrix XL shoots great with 400 series Axis ST's cut to 29" (100 grain tips, 2" Blazers, 5" wraps). Figuring the short brace height and the 15 fps higher IBO of the 62 lb. Katera, I cut a few Axis shafts down to 28" to make them a little stiffer. I even cut one down to 27" just to try.

After playing around with it most of the day, it appears to shoot best with the 29" shafts. And also print BH's and field points closest to the same spot with the longer arrow. I know this doesn't compute, based on the charts - but it is what it is . . . . .