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I shot the first mathews i liked today and ordered one man i would have never dreamed that i would have been owning one. I was looking at the pse xforce gx ds but i actually liked the monster more i orderd it in black riser with realtree limbs, 50-60.I know i really didnt say much on the bow its self umm with a 383 grain arrow at 60 pounds 27 inches shot 298 which isnt really all that bad its faster than the pse x force gx the 6 inch bh by 10 fps whiched amazed me ill post some pics up tomorrow. the only thing that turned me off was the yolk but. And has only one else noticed that the grips is kinda torquie putting a schrwed grip on er well pm if ya have any questions about her
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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