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Western WA hunters!!!!

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i heard weyerhauser timber is opening their land to drive in tn the st. helens tree farm this weekend... is it a coincidene that the FIRE DANGER ended the same time as the early archery seson for elk? there has not been any sufficient rain since the close of the season. i think it is BS that they always open the woods right after the archery season regardless of the so called fire danger. i wish there was something we as bowhunters could do to make them be fair!!
lets hear what you think!!

for the record i am rifle hunting this year but next year is back to bow like the last 3 years.
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I hunted the Southern side of the St Helens tree farm this year and love the fact they left the gates locked up, Just my preference. I will be deer hunting up there with a rifle this year also. Meant to bow hunt but messed up and put in for a controlled rifle draw and didn't realize that meant I would have to rifle hunt since this is my first bow season I was wanting to hunt deer with my bow also oh well have a lot of elk located for next season and know of some good bucks to chase during late rifle season.
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