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what are they worth?

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I have a couple of recurves that I would like to know the worth. I bought a Shakespeare 45# @52 that was still in the plastic at a Pawn Shop. I thought that my grand kids would be able to shoot it but they cant and are really not interested. I dont know if I want to keep it or get rid of it but would really like to know what it is worth. The other Bow I have is a Pearson Predator 55# I checked and it was made somshere between 72 and 74 I think. Now this bow shoots great probably the most accurate stick bow I have shot I just dont shoot enough. Both bows are in excellent condition and are very shootable. Maybe someone will tell me what these bows are worth if there even can be a worth put on them I dont know.
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I have a Shakespeare I use for bowfishing. I bought it in 98 for $35. I don't know what yours are worth. I have a Bear recurve that is worth $175 but I won't sell it I bought it for my son.
I like 3D traditional shoots and my bow of choice then is Howard Hill big five.
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