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So i had the trial for SFA and used up all my uses and cant use it anymore, as i cant afford to pay for the software!

But i was looking at my arrow setup and was shooting for a high FOC and get proper spine as well, and i just couldnt figure the proper carbon to carbon cut length for the arrows.

My set up:

350 spine Black eagle Rampage
56 grain SS half outserts
100-125 grain tip (whichever suits better)
3 Blazer Vanes


60# Obsession Evo
350 IBO
28 in. Draw length

Also, i dont mind my arrow coming back to just past the rest (TT Smackdown pro/QAD HDX) if it gets the spine to where i need it.

Anyone mind running the software for me real quick and seeing what carbon to carbon length would get me properly spined with this setup?
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